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Past - Present - Future | Our Herb Story

“Where Everyone Gets Plant Medicine”

Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs

Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs is a boutique 100% family owned farming business of 13 years, based in the beautiful northern rivers, the hinterland of Byron Bay, New South Wales. We strive to use as much local home-grown organic herbs as possible and to capture all that goodness by growing, extracting & mixing it into small hand-crafted batches. All natural and free of parabens or petrochemicals, all our products use as few ingredients as possible and the magic of medicinal herbs to get-the-job-done. That's why Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs are unique!.......

Meet The Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs HQ Team,

Find 72 Medicinal Herb Varieties &

Get Re-Inspired By Plant Medicine

In the Byron Bay Hinterland.


GROW – Community, Holistically, and Organically, by producing as many herb varieties and learning opportunities as possible. 

CREATE – High Quality, Hand-Made Herbal Products, which are simple, 100% natural, organic and traditionally crafted with care and attention to detail.

HEAL – The Heart, Body, and Mind, with the knowledge that nature supports health, growth and natural patterns, which Heal all areas when recognised, integrated and experienced.


Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs HISTORY (His-Story)

A long time ago, on a small farm 15mins out of Byron Bay, on a barren block lived a horse and there was nothing but grasses and a single tree (in which later a tree house was built). We had problems early on to contend with, the grass was too long, the soil was too dry and the summers were too hot for the successful propagation of medicinal herbs, a thin topsoil on a solid clay base plagued this young german family and their farming ambitions to begin with, but with a long-term holistic plan to recycle all their own organic matter, and to compost everything readily bio-degradable, to reuse and recycle, they rebuilt the topsoil and regenerated the botanical biodiversity of life in and on the soil, the property began to flourish and the head of this family enterprise turned to medicinal herbs as a primary means of production on the property. Deep in uncharted waters, it quickly became apparent that a form of farm-to-market value adding was the only way to go, and that is the beginning of Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs History.

"We believe that nature follows an intelligent, holistic design and that there are plants or plant combinations available to treat any human ailment, we recognize that everybody needs access to botanical plants and plant medicine". 
The Medicinal Herbs HQ Team

We specialize in Hand Crafted, Micro-Batch healing creams, infused oils, moisturising creams, tinctures, herbal cleanses, and we invite you to come experience Learning-By-Doing at our herbal workshops & events.