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The Herbarium Brain

Herbarium Brain

The Brain mind mapping software has become the most powerful memory building tool I've ever come across in recent years. After I acquired a brain injury through a motor vehicle accident in 2003 I find this tool invaluable to map out the connectivity and complexity of information my brain stores. It's also a phenomenal way to display and explore libraries of data in a user friendly way.

The making of The Herbarium Brain.

If you're anything like me, you may have been a little bit of a rebel in the 80's & 90's (ah those good old years), for me that meant sneaking out of class, running away from whomever deemed themselves an authority and and in a way I took the knowledge of herbal medicine which was all around me for granted, (picture leather jackets from the 1950's movie 'Rebel Without A Cause').

I remember growing up on our medicinal herb farm and being surrounded by herbalists and naturopaths, at the time I thought it was all good, I wasn't a 'hater' or anything, but I also knew that I had my own journey to take.

So in a way, I rebelled against what was all around and set off swiftly into the unknown to discover some of the philosophical mysteries of the world. Knowing that one day, I would return to study the plants and the plant medicines in detail.
In 2016, I returned from my time at sea and begun my preceptorship in manufacturing herbal medicine. 
Tino Sailing Adventure 2015
So now in the Herbarium Brain, I'll be sharing with you my own course in herbalism using the trivium method for learning and The Brain mind mapping software, how exciting!!!

These are the tools for learning that I discovered along the way, tools that had been hidden, but universal in nature that'll assist anyone to help gather and organise the knowledge, understand the data and continue the tradition of living and breathing herbalism, like my father and generations for thousands of years have done before me.

Access the best classroom! A live growing medicinal herb garden in Byron Bay's hinterland. I'll be sharing this adventure of discovery with you, in one easy to explore mind map.

I have attached a sneak preview of the Brain model I'm putting together which I've called "The Herbarium Brain". It's my way of being able to share the educational journey with you.

My goal with this research project is to compile a comprehensive database on the knowledge and understanding relating to the use of plants for medicinal purposes.

In the meantime just sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and do what you do best, enjoy the learning process and the Herbarium Brain

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