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Local Father & Son Herb Business Finally Launches Online Store After 13 Years

13years Change doppelganger father and son local byron bay herb business

As we welcome in the new year of 2016, we are only now just getting setup online, but you know what they say it's "better to be late, than never", Plus it's always good thing to have strong tap roots established for more potent vibrant constituents. 

Living on a medicinal herb farm was as rich and vibrant of an experience as was the colour diversity of the flowers that we helped to pick as we were growing up. Then before I knew it I was an expert on picking weeds from the garden beds, mulching, planting seedlings and harvesting those sweet looking calendula flowers. (have you seen how decadent this oil is?)

It was drummed into me from an early age that every plant has it's place in the right situation, and that they are medicines to animals and mankind alike. By contrast take a chemically manufactured pill churned out of an industrial lab advertising to take away your headache, (Aspirin is not something that I would choose to take), was originally manufactured from Willow bark extract.

"We believe that nature follows an intelligent design and that there are plants or plant combinations available to treat any human ailment, every body needs medicine". 
Medicinal Herbs HQ
I remember my dad telling me at a young age, "See this plant? you'll find it growing everywhere, eat a little and it'll boost your immunity, eat a lot and it'll help you kill cancer". Fortunately for me, I've never needed to eat a lot, but I still find myself chewing a few leaves whenever I see it growing.

13 years later, Henning, the master medicine man and farmer of Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs has decided to prepare his doppleganger son Tino to step into the role and to fill his big shoes on the farm. 

Although there is much training and learning to be done before Tino Beth the second generation herb farmer can successfully steer the ship, in the mean time we've caught up with society and started selling our handmade herbal products online for the first time ever.

The Father & Son herbal operation and MedicinalHerbsHQ.com.au will begin early into the new year. So join us in 2016, when we'll be sharing what's growing the garden, the craft of hand making medicinal herbal products and discount coupons to our plant based medicine enthusiast fam.

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