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A Pure Rose Battery

Water your rose bush with a conductive solution so that the veins throughout the rose stalk and petals absorb the solution. CHECK

The Rose bush battery, can you believe it.

The next kickstarter phone charging device may still be a thing of the not too distant future, but I wonder what other kinds of plants this Rose Battery concept might work with.

Rose energy

The idea of an energy storage device known as a supercapacitor has been constructed into a plant for the first time. Yes a Plant, a Rose Battery.

The plant is a rose, but is this a cure and twisted experiment from the minds of man, or is it pure genius. Do rose bushes feel like becoming batteries? Perhaps no crueler than harvesting 60 Rose's only to have them steam distilled into a single drop of rose essential oil.

One, an ancient practice, harvests the aromatic essence of the Rose, the other, harvests energy from the sun via photosynthesis, genius! but what about the rose?

“We have been able to charge the rose repeatedly, for hundreds of times without any loss on the performance of the device. The levels of energy storage we have achieved are of the same order of magnitude as those in supercapacitors. The plant can, without any form of optimization of the system, potentially power our ion pump, for example, and various types of sensors,” says Eleni Stavrinidou, Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics.

Rose coloured battery

So while this 'Power Plant' technology is still in infancy, here we can see the nano tech and natural world colliding and I'm not sure if I like it, I certainly wouldn't recommend jacking your USB into the bark of the next unsuspecting tree, they have feelings too remember and chances are that they won't yet be connected to this battery bank.

But, what we can do right now is immerse yourself in around 12 kilograms of fresh pure rose essence, that's the kind of pure bliss you'll find in a 6ml bottle of red rose essential oil for example.

Red Rose Essential Oil Romance

Note from the Author:
I'm continually fascinated by the rate of technological advancement which is happening all around us, it's getting faster and faster, Bigger and better and not only am I fascinated, but I'm also afraid, very afraid, that the world will be a very different place for my children. Goodbye digging in the dirt, growing seeds of hope and them being free to express themselves.
I guess that's a huge part about why I love gardening not only medicinal herbs but all kinds of plants. I was there when we planted a Norfolk Pine on the property 20 somthing years ago and I was there in 2016 when we had to cut her down (she grew too tall and had a dangerous lean and I tasted and preseved some of her blood) there is so many smells, textures, tastes and sounds from all forms of life involved with living on the land, that it's already the greatest invention known to mankind, removes CO2 and creates Oxygen, not to mention the main part of the earth's life support system.

But right now, You have the real power to plant more plant's, that will power you to plant more Powering Plants.

Isn't that the REAL 'Power Plant'. 



Red Rose Essential Oil Romance

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