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Scarless Healer Oil

Scarless Healer Oil 15ml

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Scarless Healer Oil - A Vehicle of Healing.

It's a combination of Comfrey, St John's Wort and Calendula infused in Almond Oil.

Combined using the Phi ratio.  

The scarless healer and dragons blood treatment combo:

At the heart beat of the oil is the deeply penetrating abilities of the comfrey plant, along that cannel the healing powers of calendula and st johns wort flow, and in this morning ritual will be inviting dragons blood on the ride to nourish and heal on all levels aswell as topically protecting your skin from the harsh every day environment, pure dragons blood is your sheild of healing powers for life in a dirty city, gone are the days of caking on that clearing agent, in this two part treatment you'll get all your bases covered. .  

Oneto1 - Dragons Blood to Scarless healer oil (anti-aging herbal oil)

One Drop Dragons Blood

1 Drop Anti-ageing Oil  

Mixed in the palm of your hand, then gentily massaged into your face, skin, wrinkle and withered skin.


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