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Moisturising Creams

Natural Skin Care You Can Trust

Medicinal Herbs in Cream Combinations

The Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs Healing Creams range of natural skin care are specialty Hand-Crafted in Micro Batches to maintain our high standards for quality, using certified organic or uncertified organic herbal ingredients, which may include herbs, roots, flowers, essential oils and/or herbal tinctures. Much of which is grown and produced on site at our Northern NSW herbal headquarters. 

We use natural plant-based emulsifiers to combine the oil and water components to create, high potency, 
truly all natural, effective products which are synonymous with the Boutique
Byron Bay Lifestyle. Furthering our Mission to aid and assist in the body's natural process of healing and regeneration.

Offering you a wide range of natural relief from symptoms such as cold sores, coughs, bruising, broken bones, clear breath, bites, stings, hemorrhoid's, varicose veins, 
wounds, infections, cuts and  psoriasis and eczema.
All of our creams are free from toxic petroleum and sorbolene and 100% Cruelty-Free with ZERO animal testing!