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Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil and Perfume Spray

Sandalwood 100% Pure Essential Oil and Perfume Spray

Sandalwood has been used since ancient times to enhance meditative effects as an incense. It has also been used traditionally to reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, improve memory and concentration, strengthen gums and muscles, and as an antiseptic agent. The aroma of Sandalwood is grounding and cleansing.

This pure essential oil can be used directly on the scent glads (one drop typically lasts over 24hrs in most cases) or added into oil diffusers to scent the whole room with the aromatic fragrance of Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil. Can also be used in blends. Available in 3ml or 6ml.

Sandalwood 17ml Perfume Spray is a combination of 25% pure essential oil, blended with ethanol, to give a clean pure and natural (as well as potent) fragrance.

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