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The Herb Farm Open Day Byron Bay

Welcome to an amazing journey through our botanical paradise,

Right in the heart of The Byron Shire, easy 5mins from Mullumbimby, where you'll have the opportunity to discover over 72 different medicinal herb varieties growing on this beautifully designed permaculture medicinal herb garden, showcasing everything from Echinacea to Mistletoe, and the list just keeps growing, and they are having an open day for you to explore with your friends and family at the Byron Bay Medicinal Herb Farm.


Who are they?
Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs are a boutique family owned farming business of 13 years, based in the beautiful northern rivers, the hinterland of Byron Bay, New South Wales. We strive to use as much local home-grown organic herbs as possible and to capture all that goodness ourselves by growing, extracting & making into small hand-crafted batches. All natural and free of parabens or petrochemicals, all our products use as few ingredients as possible to get-the-job-done, as we work holistically with the natural cycles to maintain the integrity and bio-availability magic from medicinal plants . That's why Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs is unique!.

Why now?
Five years ago, Henning (Master Herbalist) Beth was bitten by a tick and what followed an hour later was kaleidoscopic eye, then in hindsight, noticed his condition deteriorate over time, and in late 2015 things were so bad for Henning from Lymes coinfections, that he had to reach out his eldest son, Tino Beth to return home from his Rookie Sailors adventure and to begin his herbal apprenticeship by helping out on the herb farm.

Now, 12 months later and Henning has shown significant signs of improvement in his energy levels and mood, and he's regularly self-assessing himself to a, 80-95% of overall wellness, all thanks to the help from Mullumbimby Herbals and what's quickly becoming know as the Buhner "Tick Mix", as well as several other health hacks he's pick up along the way.

When is it?
Open Days are 15th and 29th of October 2016, starting at 10am and going to 3pm, the whole byron shire is invited to discover your herbal roots and share your herbal success story or even just your love and appreciation for gardening and plants.