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Herbal Tinctures - Liquid Extracts - Workshop - Saturday 16th September 2017


Herbal Tinctures, Liquid Extracts a Class at Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs

The How, What, Where, When and Why of Herbal Extracts.

Make your own natural remedies for the home or expand the range of herbal extracts in your clinic.

This hands-on interactive workshop will give you the kind of herbal manufacturing experience a book simply can't teach you! and will save you many hours and costly mistakes. Where you'll learn the How, What, Where, When and Why of Herbal Tinctures to make your own tincture, to take home and the confidence you'll need to continue on your herbal journey, where ever that may take you.

Today, you'll get into the garden, talk about wildcrafting and harvesting some of our 72 growing medicinal herbs, how to best dry the herbs or use fresh herbs and the best ways to prepare your harvest, to make your own tincture, working out the correct extraction ratios and alcohol percentage, giving you a long lasting correctly preserved remedy that embodies the medicinal constituents, plant spirit and living essence of the plant. Then we'll make a herbal tincture on the day to demonstrate the maceration and percolation process.

This class goes through the process step by step, so you'll have the knowledge and understanding to make your own extracts at home.



Saturday 16th September 2017. The class runs for 5 hours from 9.30am to 2.30pm, with morning tea at 11-11.30am. Try to arrive 10minutes prior to have a cuppa and to settle in.


Early Bird Special Cut Off Midnight 6th September $120.00    $150.00 includes your own DIY Tincture Making Kit with Info Booklet to make your own herbal tinctures from fresh and dry herbs, outlines the calculations and percentages needed for a long list of herbs, as well as our 72 medicinal herb garden tour and morning tea. You'll also get extensive Q&A time with our Master herbalist's Henning & Tino Beth, to have all your questions answered on the day and you'll get to take home the tincture you make on the day.

What to bring

A calculator, notebook, hat and closed in shoes as we will be spending some time in the garden. 


Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs, Address: 32 Alidenes Road Mullumbimby. If travelling by GPS, we recommend that you visually find the first driveway on the right-hand side on Alidenes Rd (In our world, 32 comes before 30).


"Byron Bay Medicinal Herbs the Medicinal Herbs HeadQuarters, where everyone gets plant medicine."
"Our focus is on, quality organic input's, refined processing procedures, to help you make high-quality plant potent herbal products." 

Medicinal Herbs HQ - Rules on Manufacturing - 

1. Input: Sourcing quality organic plants for manufacturing - wildcrafting and identification, cultivation and harvesting.

2. Processing:  Traditional & Modern manufacturing equipment, best practices and knowing your tools and medicinal herbs. - Drying, cutting, grinding, smashing, milling, mixing.

3. Output: Extracting, testing, preserving, labeling, and cleaning.